Fall '17

The City Through The Lens

Experimental Documentary Film Series

Film Series

  • ETH Zurich, ONA / Oerlikon, Zurich


Prioritising film experiences that push the boundaries of form and content, this film series will explore emerging practices in documentary cinema, focusing on hybrid, experimental and unconventional storytelling languages. The films share unusual methodologies, as well as overlapping points of interest in urban, social, and architectural themes.

Consisting of nine feature-length documentaries and one short film night, this will be an opportunity for cinephiles and those whose interests are piqued to engage with internationally acclaimed documentaries and filmmakers operating at the intersection of art, sociology, anthropology, and urbanism.


This course is connected to the Fall ’17 elective course ‘ACTION! On the Real City – Observe, Record, Edit: Oerlikon’



Sep 27 | Homo Sapiens (2016 1hr 34mn) by Nikolaus Geyrhalter | followed by drinks reception

Oct 04 | Foreign Parts (2010, 1hr 22mn) by J.P. Sniadecki and Véréna Paravel

Oct 11 | Rat Film (2016, 1hr 22mn) by Theo Anthony | followed by Q&A w/director

Oct 18 | Gran Horizonte (2013, 45mn) by Daniel Schwartz & Martin Andersson | followed by Q&A w/director

Nov 01 | Manakamana (2013, 2h 00mn) by Stephanie Spray & Pacho Velez | followed by Q&A w/director

Nov 08 | The Great Wall (2015, 1hr 14mn) by Tadgh O’Sullivan | followed by Q&A w/director

Nov 15 | The Seven Sisters Indoor Market (2016, 1h 35mn) by Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou & Marios Kleftakis | followed by Q&A w/director

Nov 22 | Eldorado XXI (2016, 2h05mn) by Salomé Lamas | followed by Q&A w/director

Nov 29 | The Iron Ministry (2014, 1hr 13mn) by J.P. Sniadecki

Dec 06 | Shorts Night: Hotel 22, Entremundo + Student Shorts | followed by drinks reception