Fall '17

Observe, Record, Edit - Valencia

The Intersection of Research and Arts Practice Through Ethnography

Visiting Workshop

  • 15-16 November
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Prof. Alfredo Brillembourg & Prof. Hubert Klumpner
    Clearhos Eduardo Papanicolaou

    With: Eva Alvarez - Polytechnic University of Valencia


This workshop introduced numerous media-related research methodologies, suggesting new pathways towards audiovisual literacy based ethnography methods. Using references from Harvard’s ‘Sensory Ethnography Lab’ to sequential photo narratives to feature-length documentary films shot on smartphones, the workshop gave students the basic tools to begin thinking about using media in a variety of ways.

The workshop involved a short audiovisual exercise using smartphones as primary media tools. Students were asked to put their learnings into immediate practice in the surrounding area, presenting to the workshop at the end of the session.