Fall '15

Action! On the Real City

Play, Negotiate and Act!

Elective Course

  • Start 24.09.2015, Ends 26.11.2015
  • ETH Zurich, ONA E30
  • Prof. Alfredo Brillembourg & Prof. Hubert Klumpner
    Marie Grob, Lea Rüfenacht, Gianmaria Socci
  • ECTS: 2


The elective course “Action! On the city” will focus on developing a board game that facilitates the decision-making and design processes to answer complex, real-life urban transformations. The course aims to explore the requisites for a sustainable urban development through the lens of various disciplines, such as architecture, engineering, and environmental sciences. The tasks consist of both individual and group work: data collection; definition of game components (such as actors, rules, events, etc.); identification of specific variables (such as land value, land use, density, mobility, social structure, etc.); and evaluation of outcomes into concrete design solutions.

By developing this board game, students will learn how to articulate decisions, to facilitate negotiations, and to define common visions in a trans-disciplinary framework. The course will teach both systematic and creative approaches, strengthening the role of the future planners as moderators for an integrated city development.